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Currently there are 793 active BTCT nodes

What Is Bitcoin Token?

Bitcoin Token (BTCT) is an eco-friendly digital currency. It uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks; managing transactions are carried out collectively by the network.

There is no central control over the currency. Bitcoin Token is open source, community driven, decentralized. Developers are all volunteers. The Bitcoin Token community and developers are working towards mass-adoption of the use of the currency in real-life. From encouraging local busineses to accept Bitcoin Token as a method of payment to the entry level person sharing Bitcoin Token with a friend. Share money, wire money, or just send a gift to a friend, BTCT will make this possible!

Fast Transactions

Bitcoin Token (BTCT) can be transferred in less than 3 seconds making it a fast alternative to Bitcoin (BTC) in which transactions require 10 minutes for confirmation! The original Bitcoin is now thought of as the gold standard for digital currencies. Bitcoin Token is a solution now for smaller faster transactions, with lower fees. It is intended for real-life solutions and transactions.

Low Fees and Deflationary!

Currently, the fee to send a $25 Bitcoin transaction, e.g. to pay for a decent meal, is around $0.42. The same transaction paid with Bitcoin Token would cost less than $0.01. i.e. Almost free! BTCT is also deflationary. After the 3 years mining period, each transaction will burn 0.0001 of the supply.

Energy Efficient

Bitcoin Token is eco-friendly.

Unlike Bitcoin, which requires traditional mining equipment that uses an exorbitant amount of energy, Bitcoin Token requires very little energy to maintain its network. It's our estimate that the energy needed to run our entire network is only in the thousands per year, where Bitcoin (BTC) uses the same amount of energy per annum as the entire country of Switzerland!

Decentralized Team

Bitcoin Token (BTCT) is a globally distributed decentralized digital currency with no central ruling company. No headquarters, CEOs, or CFOs. BTCT is maintained by the community.

BTCT is powered by

Raspberry Pi Nodes!

A unique feature of the Bitcoin Token blockchain network is that it is almost exclusively powered by Raspberry Pi mini computers that take very little energy to run. Start your own Raspberry Pi Bitcoin Token node:
Any questions on the install ask on our Discord channel:

Also, Join us on telegram here: BTCT Telegram Group

Mobile Wallets

Convenient and Secure Mobile Wallets

Mobile Wallets are the ultimate convenience for crypto hodlers.

You can easily send money to friends, family, or as payment for products with these wallets. These wallets also feature Masternode hosting within the app! Perfect for those who either don't have a laptop to run a Masternode, or who enjoy the convenience of the mobile app! Download one of these mobile wallets to get started!:

     FlitsNode Wallet                ZCore Wallet

Powerful Crypto

Exchange Platforms

100,000's of Users!

Below are the current exchanges $BTCT is listed on:

Altilly Exchange Pairs: ETH / USDT / XQR

Atomars Exchange Pairs: BTC / USDT

Crex24 Exchange Pairs: BTC

Birake Exchange Pairs: BTC

StakeCube Exchange
Pairs: BTC / LTC / SCC / DOGE / DASH

Mercatox Exchange Pairs: BTC / USDT

Start A Masternode

Earn More Bitcoin Token!

Did you know you can earn more BTCT by running a MN. The 2 options you have is shared or full Masternode. Through Masternodes the network is mined and strengthened.

For your BTCT Masternode hosting needs we recommend these hosts:
IhostMN Masternode
Pecunia Platform
Masternode Community

You can also host a Masternode on your own VPS, read our Masternode Setup Guide

Watch A Growing

Decentralized Currency

See real-time pricing of Bitcoin Token $BTCT from the various exchanges we are listed on. Watch volume, market cap and other aspects of growth for BTCT.(Please note that because of low volume, our currency will fluctuate more in price till we get higher volume).

Here is our listing of current coin price sites:

Bitcoin Token is Open-Source and viewable to the public at Github code repository, based on an open-source platform.